Having invested more than $20 million in our FinCo and FinTech Investments it’s time to show Investors and Lenders how these businesses have been prepared for the future of the digital age.

SME Cash - FinCo

Cunnington & Co is launching SME Cash as a digital marketplace lender to Australia’s business community providing immediate qualification and pricing for all business finance needs. The seven products

offered are equipment finance, asset finance, general purpose loans, trade finance, inventory loans, insurance premium funding, and invoice finance. All purchases made via the PayNow Card are able to be converted into longer term loans.

Over the past 20 years Cunnington & Co has provided SME Business Finance under the brands of Affiniti, AgriPay, Momentum, and PremiumPay. SME Cash brings together all of C & Co’s former lending ventures under a single banner to offer a full-service lender making use of PayNow Fintech for origination and customer management.

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PayNow - FinTech

Cunnington & Co has operated PayNow Fintech since 1999 to develop and pioneer systems, cards, and apps that integrate with finance companies and banks to transform their internal processes. This empowers SME

businesses to more readily access finance and lenders to more efficiently manage the accounts.

The automated business rules are able to take charge of the painstaking and tedious processes normally performed manually such as credit analysis, origination, ongoing management, and pricing. By alleviating the burden of manual tasks typically performed by loan providers, PayNow FinTech allows for financiers to maximise profits and potentially offer more competitive rates for their financing solutions.

CHOPIN Investment Fund

Cunnington & Co’s CHOPIN Investment Fund and its P2P funding trusts are a critical support element in funding the goals and needs of SME Cash customers and other financiers using PayNow Fintech platforms.

CHOPIN’s P2P trusts enable investors to choose the level of investment they wish to make supported by the underlying loss reserves held in cash from margins contributed by the borrowers.

CHOPIN offers the highest standards of P2P funding security, with securitization technology equivalent to major banks. Investors can be super funds and other institutions, banks and high net worth individuals as well as retail investors subject to ASIC rules and guidelines. CHOPIN issues debt securities to noteholders where the security is held by a public trustee on behalf of all noteholders.

Customer Business Centre

Cunnington & Co’s passion for service culture encouraged the development of an online Customer Business Centre where SME Cash clients can access and manage their information.

The service enables customers to upload data such as invoices or accounting packages to do so seamlessly and trouble-free. The Customer Business Centre is also the source for wide ranging report delivery, and is where dedicated customer service executives deal directly with customer queries and collections when necessary.


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